Thursday, October 02, 2014

October 2014 Visiting Teaching Message

This month's Visiting Teaching message is The Divine Mission of Jesus Christ: Bread of Life.

I liked the question at the end of the lesson: "When we come to Christ, how does he nourish us?" It really got me thinking not only of how he nourishes us, but also how I can better come to Him. In my busy life, it is sometimes difficult for me to really study my scriptures and to really pray. I make excuses for not serving others. I sometimes lose track of the eternal perspective.

For me, this lesson was a gentle reminder to make time for those essential things so that I may reap the rewards of spiritual nourishment. I'm excited to have a new calling as Institute Teacher, because I know it will force me to be better about studying the scriptures as I prepare for my lessons each week. I have been teaching the youth Sunday School class (and will continue to do so until someone else is called).  I do have to study my lessons for that class, but I will admit that the bulk of my preparation is how to keep the youth focused and coming up with things that will interest them so I don't lose them to talking about the previous night's football game or something equally as non-spiritual.

Anyway, here is the printable I made to remind us from whence we receive spiritual sustenance--and how we can come to Christ to get it through scripture study and prayer (among other things).

PS This would be a great month to bake homemade bread for your sisters!

October 2014 Visiting Teaching Printable: Jesus Christ is the Bread of Life.

The English version can be downloaded by clicking here: October 2014 Visiting Teaching Printable.

October 2014 Visiting Teaching Printable: Jesus Christ is the Bread of Life (Spanish Version)

The Spanish version can be downloaded by clicking here: October 2014 Visiting Teaching Printable (Spanish).

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  1. Love this quote -- don't know many women that don't support this in thought, it is just putting it in action that takes effort.

  2. True enough. Though I will say that many of the women I know believe it is selfish and indulgent, as much as they would like to do things for themselves. That is unfortunate.

  3. Taking time for myself is something that both my councilor and my pastors wife suggested that i do. :) i admit it was much easier when my husband had his job (worked 3rd shift 4 nights a week and 1st shift on saturdays) now he is working landscaping for a friend and my "mom day" has fallen by the wayside since he is gone during school hours :/