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Make Road Trips More Memorable With Kids' Vacation Journals

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I love taking road trips with my family. Some of my very favorite family memories were made in the car in the middle of nowhere as we traveled to our destination. Also, some of my least favorite family memories are made in the car on those road trips due to the whole being stuffed in a tiny space together for long periods of time without anything to do but look out the window or maybe at a screen.
Road trips can be long and boring for kids. Make them memorable with this fun vacation journal idea. They'll love it! #overstuffedlife

I've seen lots of great road trip games and ideas, but the one that we really love to do is to have the girls keep vacation journals. They really love them, especially at the beginning of road trips, and enjoy keeping a personal record of the things that they see and do. Their interest wanes a bit—usually on the way back home—but I'm thankful for any time that it keeps them occupied!

But I'm most thankful for the record of the vacation through the eyes of my children.

I usually buy simple composition notebooks to use as their vacation journals. They're super inexpensive, and you can find them almost anywhere that school supplies are sold.

Use composition notebooks to make vacation journals for your kids. #overstuffedlife

For our Epic Vacation of 2012 (which I never did finish blogging about, sigh), I actually found some composition notebooks by Mead called "Primary Journal: early creative story tablet" that were perfect for our vacation journals! Each page includes a space to draw a picture and then has lines underneath where they can write about it.

You can purchase these notebooks here: Early Creative Story Tablets.

I can't find Sophia's anymore—she was 6 years old at the time—but I do still have Bria's and Chloe's. Bria was 11 and Chloe was 9. I think it's so much fun to compare the things they wrote and drew with the photos I took with my camera, and even the things I wrote in my blog.

Here are a few examples:

Seeing a Big Horn Sheep at the Badlands:

Bria's vacation journal

Chloe's vacation journal

My photo (blog post is here: Big Horn Sheep)

Visiting Devil's Tower:

Bria's vacation journal

Chloe's vacation journal

My photos (blog post is here: Devil's Tower)

Pony ride at the Laura Ingalls Homestead:

Chloe's vacation journal

My photos (blog post is here: Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead in DeSmet, South Dakota)

Yellowstone Hot Springs

Bria's vacation journal

Chloe's vacation journal

My photo (blog post is here: Yellowstone National Park)

The thing about creating memories is that you always have to record them, too. I can't tell you how many times I've opened up an old journal and read about an experience I had completely forgotten. These vacation journals will be a way to remember all the little moments that make a vacation wonderful—especially since they're through the eyes of children!

Happy vacationing!

More ideas for composition notebooks:

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