5,000 Miles, 26 Days, 13 States and a Million Memories Later…

…we are home.

We took an EPIC vacation for the last 26 days. That is nearly a month, people. We camped, we cruised, we swam, we ate, we national parked, we historical sited, and we drove and drove and drove. Most importantly, we spent a lot of time together and with extended family and it was amazing.

And now it’s over.

This is me driving on Day 1, somewhere in Minnesota after about 7 hours.

And this is me driving on Day 26, somewhere in Wisconsin after about 55 million hours.

Day 26

I’m just a little bit tired.  But I did get a wonderful night’s sleep in my own bed last night, so I’m not complaining.

At least, I’m not complaining about that.  What I am complaining about is that my washing machine decided to die last night when I have a ton of laundry to do and we spent all our money vacationing.  Good old Murphy is laughing somewhere, I’m sure.

Besides buying a new washer, my to-do list today is pretty full.  Time to get ready for real life.

And, speaking of real life, I have a post up on Time Out For Women right now that I hope reminds ME of how to live real life with the proper priorities.  Hopefully it helps you, too.  Here’s the link:  Changing My Theme Song.

Now we’re off to find out who our teachers are for the upcoming school year, finish unpacking, go grocery shopping and, well, I won’t bore you with the rest.  I will try to blog about our epic vacation, but you all know what a poor track record I have with blogging about vacations, since I still haven’t finished last year’s summer vacation or the Caribbean Cruise from January 2011.  I’ll try, but I don’t make any promises.

Happy Thursday!

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I love your freckles! We did the epic thingy last year, so I can relate to the re-entry being just as epic. best of luck settling in and planting your feet as you face the school year, etc. I am so glad to have met you finally!


Welcome home! At least post some pics …. : )


Glad you made it home. How did Puccinni do without you all? I can't wait to hear about your vacation. It really sounds amazing.


A month – wow! We've been back in school for a month now and I'm ready for another vacation.