9/11 Memorial in NYC

In honor of the 13th anniversary of September 11, 2001, I thought I would share some of the photos I took when my husband and I visited the memorial in New York City.

The museum didn’t open until the end of May, so we missed that, but the memorial itself was absolutely stunning. It had a presence and a reverence about it that was undeniable, and we spent a lot of time reflecting, reading names, and remembering.

IMG_7864 NYC web

I thought it was neat how they put white roses on the names of people who would have been celebrating a birthday that day. Sometimes other types of flowers (or flags) were in names, obviously placed there by loved ones.

IMG_7841 NYC webIMG_7858 NYC web

The thing that broke me up the most was seeing the words “…and her unborn child” next to a name. There were more of those than I like to think about.

IMG_7845 NYC webIMG_7847 NYC web

The security to enter the memorial was more intense than even getting on a flight these days is. Which is fitting, since what is being memorialized is the entire reason flight security is so tight.

IMG_7859 NYC webIMG_7834 NYC web

I am really glad we saw it. And today, I am remembering again.

IMG_7831 NYC webIMG_7837 NYC web

I wrote about my memories of September 11, 2001 a few years ago. You can read them here: Remembering 9/11.

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Janelle @ MommyLivesClean

Thank you for sharing these photos on this very important day in our history. Every time this day comes around I get a lump in my throat. So many people were lost. The memorial looks beautiful and very moving!


Your pictures are beautiful. It really is a gorgeous memorial, it brings up so many emotions for all of us.


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Beautiful photos. I hope to make it there some day. The unborn child really choked me up 🙁

Marlys Folly

Beautiful piece. I hope someday that I am able to visit this place. Sharing this on my facebook page.


Thank you, Marlys!


Thank you. We are really glad we went, and yeah, that unborn child thing was really hard for me.


I am glad so many people still put it as a priority to remember. Thank you for your lovely comment!


Thank you, Whitney. Have you been there? I think it was our favorite part of our NYC trip. So glad we went.


Hi, Lara
It looks great. I haven't been back home to NYC since they finished it. It's funny how I still call NYC home and I live in FL now. Anyway, it's looks great. I can't wait to go back to see it now.


When I went it was being built, so it was several years ago. Hoping one day to go back!


I had never even given thought to "and her unborn child" before. Of course there were pregnant women that died that day. 🙁


I still get emotional when I see the old news footage of the actual events. I had a friend who died in the North Tower. He left a wife and 3 kids. And these last few days rewatching all of the stories of the day, I am a bit sad that we've lost our kindness to an extent. People just helped each other that day. Change of subject … whatever happened to Matt? He was a fun guy.


I still get very emotional, too.

Matt got married to a great girl (not the one he brought over on 9/11) and they live back in Northern CA where he grew up with their (I think) two kids. They only send a Christmas card once in a blue moon, though Joel emails him occasionally. They lived in Orem for a while, so we saw them more then whenever we would visit.


I still call Utah home and haven't lived there for a long time. It's where I grew up, and it is home, like NYC is to you. 🙂

They did an amazing job with the memorial, I think. I only wish we would have been able to see the museum, too. Next time!


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Good plan! Love that idea.


WE do have a cigarette lighter inverter, but I didn't even have my camera charger (the other battery was in it), so that would have done me no good. 🙂 We do have one extra blanket always in the car, and believe me, we used it. 🙂

This post was mostly tongue in cheek–we did forget these things, but it was mostly because we left within an hour of deciding to go. Thanks for your advice, though!


I hadn't given it much thought, either. It is truly heart-wrenching.


Thank you for sharing your camping experience. It is going to help me with our first family camping together in the near future. The best part of your blog is the ending, how regardless of some missing items the most important thing was having fun and enjoy as a family. Love all your photos.