Mother/Daughter Trip to NYC: Last Day

Our last day in NYC. It rained. A lot. So, not a ton of pictures as I was just trying to keep dry most of the time.

We started out by taking a cab to Lincoln Center and browsing the Metropolitan Opera Shop.

After we were done there we walked across the street to the Manhattan temple. While we were waiting to cross a car (totally purposely) splashed us and the man next to us as it drove by. We were soaked from head to toe…great way to start a temple session, huh?

After we were done at the temple we walked around a bit and found a mexican restaurant to eat in. Ate some yummy enchiladas and then braved the rain again to go to the Natural History Museum.

When we were done there we walked through Central Park and on to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. So cool. I wished we had more time in both places as they are so huge. You need almost 3 days to see everything in one building!

After the art museum we went back down to Times Square where we got some tickets for the show Curtains, starring David Hyde Pearce (Frasier guy). Ate at the Hard Rock Cafe there, browsed in some shops and then headed for the theater. Really enjoyed the play, lots of fun.

Went home and packed up a bit and we left the next morning.


One of my favorite things about the city is that there are mostly taxi cabs on the streets. I just love seeing all of those yellow cars.

Mom taking a picture of the Natural History Museum.

The (gigantic) Natural History Museum.

A walk through Central Park.

Metropolitan Museum of Art. (By the way, all my artistic close crops of buildings are just because I only keep the 50 mm lens on since it’s easier to carry around. Not the greatest for shots of huge buildings…but they turn out okay.)

Mom at the Mexican restaurant.

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I love that you had a great trip with your Mom. What a great time for just the two of you!


I seriously need a trip with my mom.
I’m gonna send her your link. 🙂