Fun and Unique Gift Ideas for Tween Girls

Easter is coming up, and now that my girls aren’t little anymore I’m never sure what to put in their Easter baskets. It’s gotten easier for the older two now that they are full-fledged teenagers, but those tween years are a little more difficult. My youngest daughter is just about to turn 11, and she’s into those awkward years where they aren’t kids anymore, but they’re not quite teenagers yet, either. They still enjoy some kid stuff, but they are starting to transition into more sophisticated interests.

It’s enough to give this mom a headache!

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Which is why I was excited to receive a box of spring goodies for tween girls. My Sophia loved everything in it, so I can confidently review these items for you with an enthusiastic tween girl endorsement!

New clothes by OshKosh 

Tween girls are just beginning to enjoy receiving clothes as a gift. And Easter is the perfect time to buy them something new and cute and springy that they can also wear into summer. There isn’t much better than filling an Easter basket with something practical that you know your daughter will love and that you’d have to buy anyway, right?

OshKosh patch denim shorts and red white and blue tanktop

Sophia received an outfit from OshKosh which included a pair of cute denim shorts—she especially liked the patchwork design detail—and an adorable floral tank top that she can’t wait to sport on July 4th (and many other days this summer).

OshKosh blue floral headwrap with bow

She also received a fun headwrap that she has worn almost every day to school since we opened the box.

This spring, OshKosh has a ton of cute stuff for tween girls. There are graphic tees, shorts, swimwear, and things like bike shorts and scooter skirts for super active girls like Sophia. You can check out their entire spring collection on their website here: OshKosh

Note: The items in this post were from Spring 2017. Be sure to check out what OshKosh has available this year!

Edible Arrangements Easter Gifts

Easter baskets usually have to have some chocolate in them, right? But if you are looking for a sweet treat that is fun and unique for your tween’s Easter basket, Edible Arrangements are the way to go! All of their arrangements include fruit, so it’s also a slightly healthier option than your run-of-the-mill chocolate bunny!

Edible Arrangements swizzle berries are a perfect easter gift, along with some of their other fun spring fruit and chocolate arrangements

They sent us a box of their Bright Swizzle Berries, which the whole family enjoyed—adults, teenagers, and tween alike! The colors made them especially perfect for an Easter basket.

I loved perusing their website to see the other offerings. To see what they’ve got for Easter, click here: Easter Gifts at Edible Arrangements. I have to say I am in love with the colorful Easter Bunny party arrangements—the Easter bunnies are made out of chocolate covered pineapple!

tween gift ideas | fun gifts for tween girls | unique gifts for kids and tweens | OshKosh clothing | Brackitz building set | Edible Arrangements Easter gifts | Yum! Spa bath and body products

Brackitz Building Toys

Remember how I said that tweens are in the process of leaving childish things behind and transitioning into more mature interests? While that’s true, they still enjoy playing with toys—especially if there’s a “cool” factor and they don’t seem too much like something a little kid would play with.

Building things from their imaginations is always attractive to kids of all ages, so these Brackitz Building Toys Sophia received were really exciting to her. She couldn’t wait to open them and start figuring them out!

These Brackitz building sets encourage creativity and help kids learn science, math, and engineering skills. Perfect for tweens.

We got the Driver 43 piece set which includes instructions for building 10 different driving machines. Sophia built a couple of those, and then she started making up her own. This set kept her busy for an entire afternoon!

We also got the Inventor 44 piece set, which inspires creativity and building anything from the imagination! It not only encourages imaginative play, but it helps to instill principles of science, math, and engineering in a fun way.

I really liked how they don’t include many instructions—just a bunch of really durable pieces that the kids can make just about anything with. I think Sophia liked that, too.

Yum! Spa Tween Bath and Body Products

One of my favorite things about my girls getting into the tween-age years is that I finally don’t have to nag them to bathe. They start actually wanting to! They also start enjoying the fun bath and body items like fruity scented body spray or sparkly lotions.

These cute and sparkly bath and body products by Yum! Spa will be loved by your tween daughter

Sophia received some fun Tutti-Frutti scented items from Yum! Spa that she was really excited about:

2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner

Sparkle Lotion

Shimmer and Shine Body Mist

All items are hypoallergenic and paraben-free, but Sophia liked how cute they were, how good they smelled, that they were sparkly and shiny, and that they were just for her. I like that they are inexpensive and that they encourage her to have good hygiene!

Yum! Spa products are also available at WalMart. To get a coupon for 75 cents off, click here: Yum! Spa 75 Cent Coupon

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All of these things make great gifts for Easter or any other reason you might give a gift to your tween this spring. Most tween girls I know would be thrilled to receive an Easter basket filled with a cute new outfit, an adorable Edible Arrangement, a fun Brackitz building set, and some sweet-smelling Yum! Spa lotion or shampoo.

Happy shopping!

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