Family Halloween Costumes: The Grammar Avengers!

I love doing theme costumes! The girls have done a few themes in the past couple years: Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland, but it’s been a pretty long time since my husband and I participated, too. It was SIX years ago that we did our Wizard of Oz family theme!

The girls are totally into the sketch comedy show Studio C. They eagerly await new episodes, and they watch old episodes so many times they have them completely memorized.

One of my middle daughter’s favorite characters is Captain Literally, so we decided to go as The Grammar Avengers this year.

The star of the show is Captain Literally, who brings balance to the universe every time the word “literally” is misused.

And then there is Captain Irony, who educates the masses on the proper use of the word “ironic.”

And we can’t forget the Nuclear Ninja. Don’t dare mispronounce the word “nuclear,” or you’ll get a good punch in the stomach!

Finally, meet the Good and Well Twins, here to teach you that “good” and “well” are not interchangeable!

We hope you have a happy (and grammatically correct) Halloween! But if you DO happen to have an egregious grammatical error…we’ll be there!

Here are the two sketches that feature all of our characters—there are many more featuring Captain Literally if you want to look them up.

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Kelly Rodriguez

I love this! As an English teacher, it warms my heart to see families celebrate literacy. Kudos and long live Grammar Avengers!

Kelly Rodriguez

Congratulations on finishing the challenge! My favorite lesson is #1…so true. Life is about experiences, not stuff…you can't take stuff with you, but memories of experiences last forever. Congratulations, again. 🙂

Jill Morgenstern

SO great Lara!!!!!!!!


That was Literally the most awesome thing ever! You guys did so well! Uh…good! We didn't do anything, and I'm a T1!! Ironic? Totally nuclear!!!!

Christine @ Rustic & Refined

I am giggling here…those have to be the cutest costumes ever! Especially when I saw Captain Irony….lol


This is hysterical! I was an English major in college so I can especially relate! Love such original costumes.
Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}


These are the cutest costumes, definitely brought a smile when I saw them. So original Lara – love them.


Any time we have done family themed costumes is because Chloe planned it all out. She's the T1! I don't think I'd do it without her!


Aren't they fun? We have had a blast this year.


It's been lots of fun…plus my kids are learning a little grammar in a fun way, too!

Hilda Rodgers

Great job decluttering this month Lara… especially being sick and having sick family members! I love the lessons you shared. Can't really pick a favourite because I agree with them all, but #1 is definitely the one that keeps things in perspective. Thanks for sharing this journey with us all month and giving so many great tips!


Hahah SO cute!!

Laura @LivingaBigStory

Absolutely *adore* Studio C….great costumes!


It is so true. I'm learning that lesson more and more in my life. I'm hoping to do more giving of experiences to my kids instead of so much more stuff!


Thanks, Hilda! I've appreciated your comments and support along the way. I've also appreciated your own series, which helped give me some really great ideas for organizing my home!


Thanks, Whitney! We had a great time!


It's definitely a big favorite at our house, too!