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You're the "Balm" Valentine's Day Card Printable

A few years ago, I started a fun Valentine's Day tradition with my girls. I had found some adorable little mailboxes and I decided to leave them a little something in them every day from February 1-13. Sometimes this tradition overwhelms me, but mostly it just makes me really happy.

Since today is February 1st, I headed shopping as soon as everyone was out of the house. While some of the little things I get them are the same every year (like Valentine's Day socks), mostly I try to come up with something different to keep them on their toes.

I managed to buy most of the 13 days' worth of little gifts, and I'm hoping to share most of them with you, starting with today's adorable printable. (Believe me, many of them will be thrown together at midnight and absolutely will not be share worthy!)

Use EOS lip balm and this adorable printable to make a fun "You're the BALM" Valentine's Day Card! #overstuffedlife

I bought some EOS lip balm in Valentine's Day like colors (I used coconut milk, strawberry sorbet, and pomegranate raspberrybut there are several other pinks and reds available). While I was in the store I thought it would be cute to make them look like little bombs and say "You're the BALM." As it turns out, I was not the only person in the history of ever to think of that idea, but hey! Great minds think alike.

Use pink and red colored EOS balm to make fun Valentine's Day Cards.

I was a little giddy with the way the printable turned out, but mostly I was giddy because it isn't January anymore. I start to feel more like myself in February, and maybe part of it is because I have such fun with these little daily Valentine deliveries.

Make Valentine's Day mailboxes a fun tradition with your kids. Leave a little treat in them every day of February leading up to Valentine's Day.

I love February 1st because I never remind the girls of the date in the morning. I just quietly get their mailboxes ready with their first gift and wait for them to notice them when they get home from school. Sophia came home first and didn't notice at all, but then Bria came home. She set her backpack down, glanced in the direction of the mailboxes, and screamed, "AHHHH! It's FEBRUARY!"

It made my heart happy. So did the big hugs I received from my grateful children when they saw their lip balms. Of course, by February 13 they aren't nearly as thankful—but I guess that's just the way it goes.

You're the BALM Valentine's Day printable—leave some special mail for your kids this February.

I sized the printable 3" x 5" so that it would fit perfectly in their little mailboxes. I printed out the file (there are four to a sheet) on white cardstock and then used hot glue to stick the lip balm onto the card. The hot glue actually peels right off of the plastic eos container and stays on the paper.

That's it! That's all there is to this one—super easy and super cute.

To download:

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This printable would make a great valentine gift for tween and teenaged girls, as well as their moms! My Chloe decided this is what she wants to do for her friends for Valentine's Day, she loved it so much.

And there went my heart being all happy again!

P.S. If you would like to purchase cute little mailboxes similar to mine, click here: Red Mailbox, White Mailbox, Pink Mailbox.

Happy February!

Make an adorable candy-free valentine with an eos lip balm, some hot glue, and this fun "You're the BALM" printable. #overstuffedlife

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