Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Gift Guide for Soccer Lovers

Last week I went to help in Sophia's classroom for the Halloween party. During the party, they played a get-to-know you game where everyone had to answer several different questions. I noticed that when the question "What is your favorite sport?" came up, nearly every child in the class said soccer—including my own child! I'm not sure what it is about soccer that has captured the heart of so many children, but they sure do love it!

My Chloe and Sophia are avid soccer players and can't wait every year for soccer season to start. I am sometimes amazed that my children love it so much, but I do find I look forward to sitting in the stands and cheering them on (and, let's be honest, chatting with other soccer moms while we keep one eye on the game).

Do you have a kid that loves soccer? Check out this gift guide for several awesome gift ideas for soccer loving kids of all ages.

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Since so many kids love soccer—I know that my kids are particularly dying for their own goal to put in the backyard—I asked Chloe to put together a soccer lover's gift guide this Christmas. She worked hard on it and found some really awesome products on Amazon that soccer loving kids of all ages and experience will enjoy. I have to say I kind of love some of the soccer decor she found—too bad we aren't redecorating her room anytime soon!

Good luck finding the perfect gift for your own little soccer star!

24 Awesome Gifts for Kids Who Love Soccer

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DribbleUP Smart Soccer Ball

This thing is SO cool. The company sent us one to try out, and my girls have loved working with it. You connect the ball to an app and it runs you through several drills and gives you grades based on your performance. It is an excellent way to keep growing soccer skills in the off season and an EXCELLENT Christmas gift!

Gifts to help improve the soccer skills:

Fold Away Soccer Goal
Pro Training Soccer Goal
Star Kick Solo Soccer Trainer
Set of 50 multi-colored Disc Cones
Adidas Glider Soccer Ball
X Glider Soccer Ball
Goalkeeper Gloves
Portable Scorekeeper

Soccer Gifts to Wear:

Adidas Condivo Training Pants
Adidas Indoor Soccer Cleats
Evolution of Soccer T-Shirt
Messi Uniform

Decorative Soccer Gifts:

Soccer Clock
Vintage Soccer Throw Pillow
Soccer Bean Bag
Soccer Chair and Ottoman
Soccer Art Prints
"Soccer Parking Only" Decorative Sign
Soccer Ball Rug
Soccer Field Rug
Plush Soccer Pillow

Miscellaneous Soccer Gifts:

Nike Water Bottle
Personalized Soccer Water Bottle
Adidas Duffel Bag
Nike String Backpack

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