Free Printable First Day of School Signs for Every Grade

Free printable first day of school signs for the 2023-2024 school year. These free printables are available to use for all grades: preschool through college!

Summer break is nearly over and the new school year brings with it several back-to-school traditions. One of my favorite things as a mom is taking first day of school pictures on our front porch and posting them to share with friends and family while the kids are at school. The best part is seeing all the other “Facebook moms” (as my daughter calls them) posting their own first day of school photos!  It’s so much fun to see all the kiddos growing up and excited for a new year!

We don’t actually start school until after Labor Day, but I know many have already started so I thought I’d make a first day of school printable you can use when your kids go back to school. 

Look at that adorable girl with her adorable sign!

I’ve only got one left at home and this is her senior year of high school. Soon enough I will be using all of these photos to display at her graduation party, and while that thought makes me cry, I’m so glad I have all the photographic memories.

We took a quick photo of her to add to this post, even though she hasn’t started school yet, and I’m already comparing it to her first day of preschool photo. She’s definitely still the same spunky girl, but man. I don’t know where the time goes. (And I’m crying again!)

She’s holding leaves instead of a cute sign, but she was the cutest little preschooler!

How to use the first day of school printable signs

There are a lot of ways you can do the first day signs. One of my friends has her children make their own each year, which is a great way to compare your kids’ progress in writing as well as their artistic abilities from past years with the current school year.

If you don’t have it together enough to do make your own signs in time (I never do), last minute moms can use these free first day of school signs that I have created for you. You can print these signs out and put them into simple black picture frames, or you can just use plain white cardstock paper. Another really fun way to use them is to print them out, frame them, and display them at the breakfast table on the first day! No matter what you do, these free printable signs are the perfect way to commemorate the start of the school year!

You can download a pdf file by entering your email into the form below or at the end of this post. which contains all versions of the first-day-of-school sign for the current year (2023-24). 

Signs included:

  • First Day of Preschool
  • First Day of Kindergarten
  • First Day of 1st Grade
  • First Day of 2nd Grade
  • First Day of 3rd Grade
  • First Day of 4th Grade
  • First Day of 5th Grade
  • First Day of 6th Grade
  • First Day of 7th Grade
  • First Day of 8th Grade
  • First Day: Freshman
  • First Day: Sophomore
  • First Day: Junior
  • First Day: Senior

The preschool and elementary signs are colorful and feature crayons and confetti. I used a more simple design for the middle school and high school grades, because teenagers are much more likely to hold the sign when they aren’t too cutesy. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior can be used for college kids as well as for high schoolers.

Download the signs below to make your child’s first day memorable!

Printable signs are for personal use only.

Be ready for school to start!

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