That Our Strength May be Faithened

This weekend was October General Conference.

I love everything about it.

Sunday Photo 10 5 2014 web

I love sleeping in on Sunday morning instead of having to get up early and get everyone ready for church.

I love napping between sessions. Or during sessions. My puppy also loves napping during sessions.

General Conference 1

I love eating good food during conference. (We no longer do cinnamon rolls because I have not found a good gluten-free option yet, but today we had a yummy pumpkin dessert and chicken noodle soup.)

I love sharing the day with others. (We invited two of my Institute students for dinner and a session today.)

I love watching what my youngest does when she gets bored during Conference.

General Conference 3

I love staying in my pajamas all day.

I love being with my little eternal family.

And most of all, I love listening to the words of our prophets.

General Conference 2

During the last session, the elder who was saying the opening prayer had a spoonerism and said “That our strength may be faithened” instead of “That our faith may be strengthened.” While it made me smile, it also made me think. We need both in our lives.

It’s good to have our faith strengthened. But sometimes our actual strength gives out on us, and we need an extra boost of faith. And sometimes, we rely too much on our own strength. It’s important to remember to keep faith as part of the equation. To faithen our strength.

I think it might have been my favorite quote of all of conference, actually.

Strength may be faithened printable October 2014 LDS General Conference
Click HERE to download this printable.

Happy Sunday! Hope it was as wonderful as mine.

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Julia Hunter

I did my closet and most of my bedroom today. I'm working my way through the house just because I can't take the mess.

Margaret Kennedy

Thanks for post – I use old 'thick' magazines to keep the knee high boots standing up. (in fact I use magazines I did not want to throw out – so a bonus – I can keep them and they are out of sight – plus they keep my boots up.

Kristy Boxberger

I need to do this. But I love my shoes! (I never wear them, mind you!)