Free Printable Christmas Coupons

Download and print these cute free printable Christmas coupons to give as last minute Christmas gifts this holiday season.

Printable coupons make a great stocking stuffer and are a great way to give experience gifts. They are also perfect last minute gifts because you can wait to redeem them. Kids of all ages especially love receiving coupons, but they are definitely appreciated by all family members, young and old!

Gift coupons are a huge favorite at our house! My girls love receiving them for every holiday, and look forward to having a coupon booklet in their Christmas stockings. We use them to give gifts like a free movie night, a day of no chores, extra screen time, or fun outings with mom or dad.

​How to download your free printable Christmas coupons:

Enter your email address into the form below and the coupons will be sent straight to your inbox in pdf format.

How to use your free printable Christmas coupons:

1. Once you have downloaded the pdf files, print them out onto white cardstock. Card stock is more sturdy for single coupons, but you can use regular paper if you are making a Christmas coupon book out of the coupons. If you don’t have a printer at home you can easily send them to a print shop.

2. Cut out the coupons using either a paper trimmer or just plain scissors.

3. If you are making your own Christmas coupon book, use a hole punch to punch a hole in the top left corner of each coupon.

4. Fill out the coupons with fun experience gifts or physical items that can be redeemed later (see below for a list of great ideas for your coupon gifts!)

5. Thread a ribbon through the punched holes and tie it in a ribbon

6. Put your finished coupon books into your kids’ stockings or wrap them up and put them under the tree!

Great gift ideas to put on your coupons

When I am writing out coupons, I like to think of the five love languages as inspiration for the gifts. Here are some ideas for each love language—try to think about the person you are gifting with coupons and tailor them to their own love language, age, and personal tastes. 

Use the examples listed below or come up with your own ideas for your coupons!

Acts of Service

  • A day with no chores
  • Clean their bedroom
  • Do the dishes
  • Do the laundry
  • Clean the entire house
  • Put gas in their car
  • Wash their car
  • Pack their lunch

Quality Time

  • A date with mom and/or dad
  • A movie night
  • Paint their nails
  • Go on a walk together
  • Go out for lunch at a favorite restaurant
  • Family game night
  • Go out for an ice cream cone

​Physical Touch

  • A massage
  • A long hug

Gift Giving

  • A new outfit
  • Special treats from their favorite bakery
  • A shopping trip with a specified budget amount
  • A new toy
  • A new video game

Words of Affirmation

​This is the one love language that doesn’t quite work in coupon format. Instead of coupons, write a letter to them and talk about all the things you love about them!

Christmas coupon books are one of the best last minute ideas and are always appreciated. They are the perfect gift to give when you are on a tight budget and are a fun way to show your love to your kids, friends, and other family.

For personal use only.

Merry Christmas!

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