Popular Gifts for Teen Girls (2023)

Buying for teenage girls isn’t always easy! Here is a list of the best gifts for the teen girl in your life!

If you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for your teenage girl, this list has you covered! Find trendy and popular items your daughter is sure to love!

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Gift Guide for Teenage Girls

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Happy Box

Happy Box is a wonderful gifting option that allows you to create gift boxes tailored to your teenager. They have adorable products you can’t find anywhere else that allow you to customize your gift. Find snacks/treats your daughter will love, as well as self-care and beauty items, stationery, candles, stickers, and more!

Customize your own Happy Box!

Clothes and shoes

Everyone knows that teen girls love clothes. It’s understanding your daughter’s unique style AND staying on top of the latest trends that’s hard! Here are a few ideas your daughter might love that are hot right now.

Waffle Knit Lounge Sets

These adorable lounge sets are all the rage right now in teenage girl world. My 17-year-old daughter says that they make her feel more feminine than just plain old sweats, plus they are fashionable and comfy! You can find them in tons of different colors and styles—the waffle knit is what gives these sets their cool factor.

Buy them here:

Cloud Slides

​High School and College girls are wearing these cute slides everywhere. They are the perfect slides for sporty girls to keep in their volleyball bags or their soccer bags. They are perfect for slipping on to run quick errands. And lots of girls wear them out and about on a regular basis! Get them in multiple colors and style variations.

Buy them here:

Lululemon Scuba Sweatshirts 

These were on last year’s teen girl gift guide and are still very on trend. The scuba sweatshirts have new colors this season and are a great gift idea. There are also plenty of dupes on Amazon that look almost exactly like the Lulu for a fraction of the cost.

Buy them here:

Crossover Flare Leggings

The flare and bootcut pant is coming back into style, and that includes in leggings. The crossover or V-waistband is the most popular amongst young adults and you can find the crossover flare leggings at many different stores in a variety of colors.

Buy them here:

UGG Tasman Slippers

These became all the rage last year and are still going strong. They are at the top of my daughter’s Christmas list. As much as she loves her slides, they just aren’t warm enough for our snowy winters and she hates having to lace up shoes or boots. The UGG slippers are perfect for wearing to practice or running errands when you don’t want your toes to be frostbitten!

If you don’t want to pay the extra money to have real UGGs, there are plenty of dupes on Amazon (linked below)

Buy them here:

Accessories and Jewelry

You can add a more personal touch to your birthday and Christmas gifts with jewelry and other accessories. Choose her favorite colors and textures, or personalize some jewelry to make it unique to your favorite teen girl!

Made by Mary Necklace

Teen girls love these necklaces, and this particular brand especially. Made by Mary’s jewelry choices make meaningful gifts as you can personalize them in several different ways. The necklaces generally come in either sterling silver or a high quality gold. We have found that they can be worn in the shower, at the beach, and in swimming pools without rusting.

Buy them here:

Belt Bag

The belt bags from Lululemon are still quite popular amongst teen girls. They are very practical and hold a surprising amount of stuff! If your daughter already has one, she would probably love to add another one to her collection. Lulu has added many new colors and textures to their line up and they are really fun!

Buy them here:

Chunky Hoop Earrings

Big earrings like we used to wear in the 90s are making a comeback, especially hoops. My girls love to wear chunky hoops in both their piercings for a really trendy look.

Buy them here:

Tonal Patch Carhartt Beanie

Carhartt beanies are super popular and make good gifts, especially if you live in cold climates. My daughter received a tonal patch beanie as a gift a couple years ago and everyone raves about how cute it is. They are different than the basic Carhartt beanie and really cute. Sadly, I can’t find that beautiful teal color my daughter is wearing in the photo. It must be out of production now, but there are several different shades available!

Buy them here:

​YFGBCX Fluffy Shoulder Bag

These things are super adorable and have been showing up around TikTok lately, which is always a sure sign that your teenage girl is going to want it. They come in a few different patterns and are fun and unique.

Buy it here:

​Bedroom and Dorm Decor

17 and 18-year-old girls will especially appreciate getting new decorations that can be used at their dorm. If you need 18th birthday gift ideas, these things are also a great idea. Moving out of their childhood bedroom and into a dorm is a major milestone and it’s nice to get an early start and have things ready to go months in advance if you can.

Here are a few popular dorm decorations (many of which will also be loved by teenage girls who are still living at home):

Make-up and Beauty Products

These will be unique to your own teenage girl, but make-up and other beauty products are almost always a perfect present for young women! Here are a few favorites that my daughters have been loving this year:

Other Gift Ideas

Stanley Cup

Stanley cups are best sellers and very popular amongst teenage and college-age girls. You can buy your daughter a color she doesn’t already have, or go for a different style. The tumblers are different than the cup that everyone has and is still trendy

​Buy one here:

Travis Kelce Jersey

If your teen girl is a Swiftie, she might enjoy having a Travis Kelce jersey. Or if she is a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Either way!

Buy one here:

Other top gift ideas for teen girls:

Hopefully this list will help you to find a unique gift for the teen girl in your life this holiday season! 

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