Sunday, March 20, 2016

Printable Easter Egg Coupons

I'm not really sure when Easter started to be almost as big as Christmas, but I don't love it. Sure, I'm all for doing a basket filled with some candy and a couple fun things for the kids, but lately I've seen things that are completely over-the-top. Not only are they elaborate, they are expensive.

And the worst part (besides that awful Easter grass that will haunt you for months after Easter Sunday)? All the clutter.

I'm done with bringing extra clutter into my house.

We've been consciously giving our children fewer things and more experiences in the past couple years. And one of the things we've done to help with that is to give cute coupons instead. The Christmas coupons I put in their stockings offer things like extra screen time, no chores, or a date with Mom and Dad.

They LOVE this. They save those coupons and wait for the perfect time to redeem them—sometimes it's months later.

I love the coupons because it reduces mindless clutter in my home and it gives me a fun way to spend extra time with my children.

I figured I would put some Easter coupons in their Easter baskets this year, along with a few consumable candy items (if they eat it, it won't clutter up my house) and maybe something small that they need—like new underwear or something! We'll see.

I think they turned out super cute and springy! Now, if only all the snow would melt so we could maybe have an Easter egg hunt in the grass for once! Just kidding, even if the snow melted, our egg hunt would just be in the mud. Grassy Easter just isn't a thing where I live, and I refuse to buy the fake Easter grass, so we'll just be happy to have snow.

Anyway, if you'd like to download the coupons for yourself, the instructions are below. I print them out onto white cardstock paper because it's more durable than plain printer paper. I always keep a ream on hand because I love my printables!

Adorable printable Easter egg coupons. I love the idea of giving your kids time with you instead of more stuff! #overstuffedlife

To download:

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Happy (clutter-free) Easter!

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