Back-to-School Feast and Family Theme: Doing Good is a Pleasure

A back-to-school feast and family theme is a great way to kick off the school year for your kids. This tradition is something they look forward to every year and helps them to be excited to go back to school.

Last year, we began our Back to School Feast tradition.  It was mostly to help the girls transition better to the new school and the new place, but boy did they ever look forward to doing it again this year!

They wanted to know when I was making crowns, what we would be eating, and what the new family theme would be. I had to keep it all a secret until last night, but they nearly broke me—I almost told them everything.

But that would have ruined all of the fun, now wouldn’t it?

School started today, so, last night we (finally!) had our feast.

We introduced our new theme: Doing Good is a Pleasure.

The girls are actually really excited about our plans for monthly family service projects and for trying to serve someone daily.

So what did we do at our back-to-school feast?

We ate. And ate and ate. And ate some more.

On the menu:  My husband’s delicious, made-from-scratch Fettucine Alfredo with chicken and broccoli, homemade (all right, so I did it in the bread machine) bread, and Pear Pie for dessert.

Everyone licked their plates shiny clean (my youngest did literally, but nobody is surprised by that) and asked for second and even third helpings. And since this is a feast, after all, we wouldn’t even have denied fourths if they were wanted.

This year I made their crowns out of fabric and bits and pieces of lace and ribbon. They were a giant hit and I hope they live a long life in the dress up box.

Aren’t they cute (if you don’t mind my saying so myself…)?

Meet the fifth grader:

Meet the second grader:

And my youngest, entering the 4’s class at Preschool:

We gave them each some gift bags full of school supplies. It made me happy to see how excited they were over new pencils and notebooks and glue. 

Finally, my husband gave them their Father’s Blessings for the year. These blessings are always such a special experience for all of us, but one that I hope the girls learn to hold dear, just as I do the blessings I received from my dad before school started.

It’s so wonderful to have that extra pocketful of peace as you face a new school year, which can definitely be a little scary.

I’d say that our little Back to School Feast was an absolute success!

Here’s hoping the new school year will be the same!

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Gorgeous presentation, delicious food!!! Wish I couldhave tasted it! AND my girls are beautiful little princesses! Darling, darling crowns!! What a wonderful tradition!!


What a great way to start the school year off right! Make it fun to go back:)


Love them. Love the whole thing. Good lucky girls.


That is such a great idea! Might have to steal it for mine next year. Next year will be the last time they are all in the same school. Sniff. Then my poor littlest will always be by herself.


I love traditions! We had a back-to-school dinner as well.

I love the words 'extra pocketful of peace.'

Hope your girls have a great first day!


What a wonderful tradition. I wish I was as on the ball with things like that.


I cannot wait until my kids are in school so I can do things like this for them. What a wonderful way to usher in the year, and help them be excited for the theme! And your crowns are gorgeous!


I love it.
You. are.amazing!
How was the first day?
My meebo's up.


What Andrea said. That is a wonderful tradition. Perhaps we'll be able to pull of something like that one of these days. It won't be quite as pretty, but it could still be good.


What a wonderful tradition! Beautiful crowns! I love the theme. You are so inspiring 🙂 Thanks for sharing


The back to school Father's Blessings are the best! 😀

Braden Bell

3 little maids from school! Very clever, Lara. My goodness, that was beautiful–the whole thing looked like an aesthetic triumph, to say nothing of the spiritual benefits. Very impressive.


This is a really good idea – one that I may just have to steal.

Alyson | New England Living

That is so awesome! Such a great idea and it gets the kids so excited. You are an amazing mom!


Those crowns are amazing! This is such a delightful tradition and I'm excited to read more as your family enjoys this theme throughout the year. I wrote about service provided through our ward members this weekend. Thank you for sharing your faith on your blog. It always inspires me.


What a great tradition!


Lara–I echo what many others have said–you are AMAZING!!!! We also had our feast on Monday, but it was a kids' choice meal, so we had burgers and brats, chips and soda! But they still loved it. And I hate to say it, but I will be copying some of your ideas for next year. The crowns were beautiful!!! I'll have to attempt them next year. But thanks so much for the idea in the first place. I think it will really help to pull a lot of things together for us. You're the best! 🙂 And I hope that I can help out with service projects. Oh, one more thing….can you make a cute mini-poster for our family theme this year? I am in no way that crafty cute. Our theme is "follow the prophet".

Loralee and the gang...

I love this tradition! A feast, before Thanksgiving even! But our house is like yours, always a father's blessing. And it's always wonderful to see that my younger boys are understanding more and more what that's all about.


I had great intentions of doing a big "kid style" feast, but we were sorely lacking in ingredients, so we winged it.

I want to go back to school at your house! Those crowns are adorable!


Awww! That sounds really nice! It's way better than my frantic running around for school supplies and them telling me at the last minute what all the need (usually a week or two AFTER they need it, because they've been at their dad's). The crowns are really pretty too!!!!!!!

Serene is my name, not my life!

Oh my goodness! How stinking cute is that! What a wonderful idea! i love it!


I LOVE these photos and the whole idea of the back-to-school feast.

Latter-day Saint Nana

This is too much. Love those hats! This is the epitome of "clever".


What an awesome tradition. That is such a great idea. All of it. Especially the Fettucini Alfredo with chicken and broccoli. 🙂

Mormon Mommy Blogs

So cute. I love this tradition.