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Friday, November 27, 2015

Easy Solution for Displaying a Holiday Photo Blanket {without putting holes in your wall}

Have a decorative blanket or quilt you only want to display seasonally? Here's a super easy tutorial for a temporary wall display. #overstuffedlife

I've been wanting to try out a photo blanket ever since I saw them at the Walmart photo center. I finally got one recently, and it turned out absolutely gorgeous! It was so gorgeous, that I wanted to find a way to somehow display it, but since I used holiday photos, I knew it needed to be a temporary display that was just for the holidays.

First, let me show you just how beautiful this blanket is! You can go with fleece, plush fleece, or the woven throws. I'm a sucker for the woven throws, so that is what I chose. I chose the 60x80 size because I wanted it to be a warm blanket we would actually use as a way to keep warm while watching Christmas movies together.

Even though I knew I wanted to also display it while it wasn't being used for giving warmth, I didn't think about just how large that size was—it takes up my entire couch! Still, it's big and beautiful and I love it, even though I don't have a blank wall in the whole house that is big enough to show the whole thing!

It was super easy to upload my favorite Christmas photos and design the blanket. The Walmart online photo center makes it very user-friendly and quick, and the blanket was delivered to my house within the week.

I knew I wanted to do a curtain rod display on the wall, but I did not want to be drilling holes in my wall or have a permanent curtain rod there. I ruminated on that a bit, and I came up with a really simple solution using the velcro Command strips for picture hanging.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gluten-Free Eggnog Mini Muffins

Eggnog Muffin recipe. Such a great way to bring some Christmas cheer to your breakfast this holiday season! #overstuffedlife

This post is sponsored by International Delight, but all opinions are my own.

I love the holiday season! Beginning at Halloween and lasting all the way through the new year, this time of year is my very favorite. I love all of the family traditions we have established and always look forward to creating new ones. I love the time spent with family and friends. I love the extra dash of happiness and goodwill that seems be in the air wherever you go.

And I love the flavors.

That's right. The flavors—not necessarily the food. I look forward to a handful of flavors that seem to just inspire holiday cheer: peppermint, pumpkin, gingerbread, cranberry, and eggnog. Add spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to the mix, and I am one happy girl.

Adding a dash of nutmeg to your eggnog is an easy way to dress it up.

That's why I was so excited to try out International Delight's Holiday Nog. We always break out the eggnog right around Thanksgiving and especially love to drink it while we decorate the house for Christmas on the day after Thanksgiving. They offer both original nog and "very vanilla" nog—which is my favorite. Add a sprinkle of nutmeg on top and a little bit of Frank Sinatra's Christmas songs and you are instantly full of Christmas cheer.

Because eggnog is such a big part of our day after Thanksgiving traditions, I thought it would be fun to try a muffin recipe featuring the nog. The plan is to eat them for breakfast before we bring out the bins of holiday decorations. Instant Christmas cheer in (gluten-free) muffin form!

Gluten-free Eggnog Mini Muffins. So good!

Gluten-free Eggnog Mini Muffins Recipe

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Turkey Treat Bags {easy craft for kids}

Make these adorable turkey "gobble" bags with your kids this Thanksgiving. It's the perfect craft idea for keeping kids busy while waiting for their pie! #overstuffedlife

It's always nice to have a simple Thanksgiving craft for the kids to do while they are waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to begin. This adorable little Thanksgiving turkey treat bag is super easy for even the littlest kids to make. Plus, if you let them fill it up with an assortment of their favorite little candies, it will give them something fun to look forward to later!

Set up a craft table for the kids while the adults are busy in the kitchen, and let them have at it. Since there is some cutting involved, it's good to have an older child or an adult who isn't carving the turkey help to supervise. But, like I mentioned before, it's super easy and preschoolers will be able to do it just fine!

I've also provided a printable template for you below to make the process even easier.

Free printable turkey template for fun turkey treat bag--easy craft for kids!

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Make a Thankful Jar for Thanksgiving {free printable}

Make a cute Thankful Jar and have your family write down their gratitudes on paper strips to put into the jar. Free printable gratitude strips. Jar project is quick and easy to make. #overstuffedlife

Normally by this time in November I would have put up our Thanksgiving tree. I like to have it up all of November so we can focus on our gratitude all month. But here it is 10 days before Thanksgiving Day and I barely managed to get the Halloween decorations down just a few days ago. I just haven't managed to go dig up the hedge clippers and trudge outside to get some branches for the tree, so it hasn't gone up yet.

So, tonight I decided to do something different—and a whole lot easier! A thankful jar. I plan to keep it on the coffee table with blank strips for the kids to write their gratitudes every day until Thanksgiving. Then we will read them around the Thanksgiving table as we usually do with the tree.

Supplies needed to make a Thankful Jar with a Yorkshire Mason Jar.

Supplies needed:

Thursday, November 12, 2015

30 Unique Gifts for the Bookworm

Do you have a book lover on your Christmas gift list? One of these 30 unique book themed gifts is sure to delight them! #overstuffedlife

I love reading, and I fully admit to being a little obsessed with books and literature sometimes. That said, it's not my favorite thing when someone gives me a book as a gift. Maybe I've already read it, or it's not the kind of book I'm interested in. As a bookworm, I prefer to choose my own books to read.

But that doesn't mean I wouldn't love a book related gift! I trolled my own wish list and my favorite all-purpose website to find the coolest and most unique book gifts. If you have an avid reader—a.k.a. "bookworm"—in your life, one of these gifts is sure to be perfect!

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Gifts for the bookworm—under $10.00:

Monday, November 09, 2015

A Stress-Free Guide to Sending Christmas Cards

Do you skip sending Christmas cards because it's just too stressful? Here are some tips for keeping it easy and organized, and getting it all done early. #overstuffedlife

This post is sponsored by Minted, my very favorite place to design and print my holiday cards.

I love sending Christmas cards. I also love receiving them. The tradition of Christmas card sending is probably one of my very favorite Christmas traditions, though it's certainly hard to pick a very favorite tradition out of so many that I love. Just know I really really really love sending Christmas cards.

I may have loved it more before Facebook because it was a sure way to make connections with friends and family who live far away at least once a year. But, despite the whole social media explosion of recent years, I still love Christmas cards. There is nothing more exciting than going to my mailbox during the month of December and finding a handful of cards from the people I love.

Because Christmas cards are one of my favorite things and I've diligently sent out cards every single year of my marriage—this year marks our 17th annual Christmas card—I have managed to streamline the process so it goes quickly and smoothly every year.

The number one secret to not being stressed about your Christmas cards is starting early. So just remember that as you read through the rest of the steps: Start early. December 1st is not early. For some things, even November 1st isn't early enough. Start early.

1. Keep your address list updated year-round

Saturday, November 07, 2015

On Choosing Kind

Whether it's the newest policy change on children of gay parents or something else, remember to do what Jesus would have done and to be kind when stating your position. #overstuffedlife

The last few days my Facebook feed has blown up with the news of a policy update within the LDS church. I watched with concern and compassion as many of my friends were devastated by the implications of the changes. I was also surprised by those implications and wasn't sure how to process them myself. I read several of the initial articles and press releases, and I felt sick for the many people in my family and on my friends list that this policy directly affects.

I also watched as other members of the church—those who were able to more quickly come to a peace about the policy or never even questioned it—posted their views and ideas regarding what was happening. So many of those posts just made me feel even sicker for those who were hurting. And while I was able to come to my own peace and understanding (and even tried to explain what I felt to a few friends), I was also hurt and saddened by the unkindness of many of these posts.

The same thing happened when a prominent member of our church was excommunicated. She stood for something that I do not personally believe in or feel is necessary, but many of my friends were upset by the way things played out. Many of my other friends adopted an "I told you so" attitude that was off-putting and frankly offensive.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

11 {more} Christmas Books to Read With Your Family

A list of Christmas books to read together as a family this December. Learn about the Christmas traditions of other places and times, and bring the spirit of Christmas into your home! #overstuffedlife

One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is the one that is the hardest to consistently keep. I love reading one Christmas book to my kids every night in December! But because December is always incredibly busy with various concerts and other holiday activities, it is really hard to always do this. I have been much better the past few years since the girls are older now and can handle going to bed a bit later.

But because the girls are a little older, some of the books I have on hand are just a bit too young for them now (though they remain favorites!), and this year I have been on the hunt for more. While I think that fun Christmas books certainly have their place in the world, the books I like to read with my family are always more serious in nature. I like to choose books that focus on Christ's birth and the reason He was born. I especially enjoy the ones that tell the stories of someone who learned the reason for the season through a special experience.

These are the types of books that really bring the Spirit into our home. I often cry while reading them, but I love the way they affect my children and bring a sweet desire to serve and love into our home.

Here are the new books I have found for this year—I have purchased most of them, but the rest are waiting in my Amazon cart and will be purchased soon!

11 Christmas Books to Read With Your Family (affiliate links):